Mar 4, 2015

Getting Ready!

We are getting ready for our summer festivals and want to let you know that there's still time for you to come along too! Email or click HERE for details on dates etc! Come with us!!!

Prayer Points Lusaka Signs & Wonders Festival

Pray and fast with us for the Lusaka Signs & Wonders Festival April 14-16!!

1. Supernatural Marketing!
Acts 10:1-8

Pray that the President offers to hold a speech at the opening service or/and broadcasts the festival on national TV and radio. That famous artists, stand up comedians and cultural celebrities offers to be part for free because they had a spiritual dream, vision or have seen an angel. Pray that people see Jesus, meet angels that tell them to attend the festival etc... That someone offers us a hot air balloon or airplane to fly over the capital and throw out flyers etc... That large local companies and business men wants to pay for more marketing, rent 100 buses to take people to the festival etc...

2. Exciting and charged atmosphere and an anticipation for miracles at the festival site.
Acts 5:12-16, 8:5-8

A miracle explosion! I mean a "blow out" like crazy with major breakthrough on healing... Lines of people beside the stage that have been healed! "The Big Five" - blind, mute, deaf, crippled healed and tumors that disappear.

3. 50,000 people saved/rededicates their life to Jesus!
Acts 2:37, 16:14b

Muslim taxi divers, Hindu hotel owners and Animistic witch doctors that will come crying to Jesus when a clear gospel message has been preached. Atheists and humanists that surrender and say: God exists!

4. Favor that rests over the entire team, Europeans, Africans and Americans.
Acts 28:3-6

Creative and different festival-evenings with a "youth-touch" that will attract teenagers as well as young adults... Lots of new crazy ideas!
I.e. a wave of supernatural joy, new ideas, inventions and mischievousness. Health, protection and strength the entire festival-week... Only laughter, dance and spiritual adventure! No hassles. No illnesses or accidents.

5. Mass baptism in the Holy Spirit on our concluding evening on Sunday!
Acts 2:1-13, 4:31

Thank you for investing of your time praying and fasting with us for the city of Lusaka!

See ya!