Mar 2, 2015

Unreached People Missionary Forever

In SOS we love taking huge teams with us on the mission field. The last few years our teams have consisted of well over 100 people each time. Can I really get that “missions experience in such a large team?” you might be wondering… The answer is yes :) just as you in a smaller team experience hands on mission with outreaches, praying for people and so on, you will have that same experience in a large team. 

The large team is always divided into smaller “outreach teams” of 10-12 people and every day you’ll hit the streets, preaching, sharing your testimony and then seeing people respond, people that are longing to have what you have… In the afternoon the huge team joins up at the festival ground and together we declare the gospel message, see thousands saved, see miracles we hardly thought were possible, and you will see God use you like you have just imagined before. Your first meeting with an unreached people group might just change your life, just listen:

On a hot, sweaty day in southwestern Uganda (a long time ago) we set off to met and reach the Pygmies that lived way up in the beautiful mountains. We parked the car, took the battery out  (so we would have electricity for the simple sound system), picked up our equipment and starting walking the narrow dirt path up the mountain. We walked for a while and then we reached the small village. The Pygmies lived here, they had never heard of Jesus before, and they were curious of why we were there. It was so simple and pure, they asked questions about “our God” and we asked them what they believed. Then we shared the gospel of Jesus and what He had done for them on the cross. They listened attentively and when we asked if anyone wanted to give their life to Jesus – everyone home that day responded.

When we started praying they all knelt down. No one asked them to, but the glory of Jesus was on that mountain and the only right way to respond was to kneel before the King of Kings. Jesus was there. It was so beautiful. And that’s when I knew: I wanted to dedicate my life to reaching those who have never heard. And my life was forever changed. Today I’ve seen this same holiness happen so many times and it is just as special and pure every time someone who has never heard responds and gives his/her heart to Jesus.

This is why you have to come with us and help us reach the unreached! The unreached single mom that is struggling to make ends meet, the unreached dad that cries when he thinks no one sees, the unreached teenager full of anxiety and false self image. The unreached child that cries in the night while being abused or the lonely young adult that is longing for real love.

Only Jesus can transform and change these lives. You can choose to be part of that and you also have your life transformed forever. Come with us to Lusaka ,Zambia or Dodoma, Tanzania this summer! Click here for more information or email us at

/Martina Almqvist

Unreached people missionary forever