Mar 18, 2015

Open House, Iron Men and Miracles!

It has been an amazing week in Pittsburgh! I am visiting Jeff and Melodie Leake and Allison Park Church, some of my best friends since many years...

Last week was full of great events, we had an open house, MSX, at our sister Bible school here, Northeast Ministry School with around 110 participants. That same night our "Iron Men" men's conference started and this weekend we prayed with more than 80 precious Pittsburghers to Jesus in the weekend services! Jesus came and did so many miracles: shoulders, knees and arms were healed and a lady with arthritis in her right knee was totally restored! The Jesus of the Gospels is a miracle worker!

I am spending a few more days here and then I'm off to Modesto CA and The House. Happy to see all my CA friends soon - then I am coming back home to my dear Stockholm again. What an exciting life!

See ya soon!