Jul 13, 2014

Day 4 - Mbeya!

Listen to Jens as he reports about the great miracles that are happening here in Mbeya:

Wow, what an amazing night we have had here in Mbeya! More than 65,000 people gathered tonight and at the end there were so many miracles that our healing documentaion-team had to work hard. At least five people who had been deaf on one or both ears were healed. Among them a little girl who had been totally deaf since birth, Jesus gave her full hearing again! 

There was also a little boy whose parents had to carry him the last seven years since he could not move his legs; tonight Jesus gave these little legs strength and he started to move them! A dad came to us with his son who was both deaf and mute, Jesus touched him and for the first time his dad got to hear his son say "daddy!"

Earlier today we continued with the outreaches in the city. One team went to a more poverty stricken area and preached the gospel. There they met a little boy who had two problems; he was mute and one of his arms were paralyzed. His dad, who was a masai, came to us and asked us to pray, after prayer he could move his hand, and then he started to speak! A complete healing - and a new future for a 4-year old little boy!


Tomorrow is the last day! We are tired now, but will press on in full power, so we can reach even more people for Jesus! Pray with us and for us!

Check out the video from last night:

Update 4 Mbeya 2014 from Mission SOS on Vimeo.