Jul 12, 2014

Day 3 - Mbeya!

Jens Charlieson continues to report from Mbeya:

Mbeya is a fantastic city! It is surrounded by mountains on all sides and the people here are so friendly and hospitable. The school kids run beside the bus and if one of them gets a high five from someone in the team, they stop for a second, and all of them burst our laughing. Lovely, wonderful kids!

We are still counting the follow-up cards from the outreaches today, but this morning a total of 653 people had given their lives to Jesus, just on the street outreaches! It turns out that one of the deaf men that was healed at the festival meeting yesterday had met one of our teams earlier that day. He was both deaf and mute, but started speaking when they prayed for him at the outreach. His ears were still deaf though, until he came to the festival meeting where Jesus healed him completely!

Johannes Amritzer speaking at the Pastors Conference...

Parallel to the festival, the Tanzania Assemblies of God i running a large pastors conference, gathering 5,000 of their pastors and leaders. Today Johannes Amritzer taught there, a great opportunity to speak into some of the greatest leaders of Tanzania! 

Today the festival ground was crowded, over 45,000 people was there to hear the gospel! Johannes preached on "If the coin has the image of the emperor, then give the coin to the emperor, but you are created in the image of God - then give yourselves back to God!" 

Two women who were severely hearing impaired were healed and could hear perfectly, and a woman who could hardly walk due to a hip-injury walked perfectly. Several demon possessed were set free from evil spirits. We believe that everything will grow tomorrow; more people, more salvation, more miracles! We still have two nights to go and Mbeya is longing for Jesus!

Check out the video from last night:

Update 3 Mbeya 2014 from Mission SOS on Vimeo.