Jun 15, 2014

Amazing Days in Gettysburg

This week I've been in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania to speak at a large festival that some 15 churches in the area arranged. They had rented a large field on the main street through the city and the churches had gone all in. There were inflatables and horse back riding for the kids in the afternoon and then in the evening a service. As people left the site they could fill a bag with free groceries!

Even though it rain like in a monsoon, the lightning struck, twice in the stage, and we lost power, Jesus has performed miracles. So far, with two services remaining, approximately 150 people have given their lives to Jesus, many have been healed, and last night Jesus baptized people in Holy Spirit. A lady with a free ticket to the movie theater on the opposite side of the parking lot saw the activities and asked what was taking place. She decided to come to the festival (Hope for the City) and before the night was over she had both been saved and baptized in Holy Spirit! Jesus is wonderful!

Here is a taste of my sermon from a couple of weeks ago: