Jun 11, 2014

Baptism in the Holy Spirit and Portable Festival Equipment

I just landed at the hotel in Gettysburg in southern Pennsylvania after a great weekend of speaking at CityReach Pittsburgh. Many gave their lives to Jesus and on Sunday 24 people were baptized in Holy Spirit and started speaking in tongues! So great on the day of Pentecost!

On Saturday we had an outreach among the homeless. One of the guys on the team who was serving breakfast to those who live in the tents under the bridges was reunited with his son whom he had lost contact with for many years. His son now lived under a bridge, and his dad came (not knowing that his son lived here) to serve HIM breakfast and show him the love of God... The son then came to church on Sunday morning and gave his life to Jesus - so beautiful!

We are currently expanding our portable festival equipment! So exciting! Look at this presentation:

This week Hope for the City starts here in Gettysburg. More than 14 churches in the area have been mobilizing, prayed, fasted and prepared for a large festival. It is sooo great to be here with my good friend Gerry Stoltzfoos!

See ya!