Mar 4, 2014

Monday Afternoon in Istanbul

I am enjoying coffee and reading the Bible in Turkey, on my way to Pakistan. Reading and meditating on the last three chapters of the book of Revelation.

Heaven - final destination, or beginning of life? Well, considering that life down here on earth lasts somewhere 80-120 years at its longest, heaven, or eternity should count as the start of real life... Do we really believe in our salvation message about both heaven and an eternity with God? Yes, and then death is really only a door right in the beginning of our timeline. Weird that there are believers that are both afraid of, and mourn death so much. Death anxiety does not align with true Christian faith. Death is both exciting and titillating for a genuine Jesus-disciple. Life here on earth is only a sneeze and blink in comparison to eternity.

It will be so wonderful to come home to Jesus one day. Everything will be so much better! A sort of sound longing for death is actually also Christian and gives us both perspective and right priorities. Heaven - what a hope! We just don't live here and now. Stuff. gold, silver is not life. We live 100% down here on earth of course, having a positive outlook on life, but also 200% for what is to come and is so much better - up there.

I hope you understand me. I am not tired of life or depressed, rather very hungry on life, before and after death. Peace for the future fills us when we spend time with God through the Holy Spirit. There is no room for worries about getting old or about death in the presence of Jesus. When we pass through the two dimensions and go from one life to another, better life, well yeah... then we die. We resurrect  directly to something that is stronger and better!

One day we will bow our knees before Him. One day we will see His face. One day we will lift our hands and worship Him - only Him! We sang about Him, prayed to Him and preached Him! Then and there we will meet Him! He that is our life! Jesus! Jesus! Jesus!

Then we will meet those who have gone before us. Then we will rest without sorrow, troubles or tears. Death, where is your sting?!

See ya!