Mar 11, 2014

God's Word is not Chained!

Remember Jesus Christ, raised from the dead, descended from David. This is my gospel, 9 for which I am suffering even to the point of being chained like a criminal. But God’s word is not chained. 
2 Tim 2:8-9

The crowd grew to 60,000+ the final night of the festival!

I am sitting at the airport in Istanbul, tired, on my way home to my dear Stockholm again. Soon I'll lumber around in my Adidas shorts in my kitchen in Tullinge again. In just a few hours I'll play cards and drink coffee with Maria and my teenagers...

I'll try to compile an amazing festival week in Sialkot, Pakistan. We gathered 115,000 people during three days of open air meetings! The crowd grew from almost 20,000 on Friday night to over 60,000 on Sunday! (Numbers from the Police, not our own). We estimate that around 35,000 precious Pakistanis prayed a salvation prayer with us and a genuine follow up work has already begun. Disciples are to be made, taught and trained! We ran out of follow up material!

Jesus baptizes in Holy Spirit at the Pastors Seminar!

We gathered around 500 pastors and evangelists for a two day seminar with focus on church planting and power evangelism. About 80 were baptized in the Holy Spirit and started speaking in tongues for the first time in their lives when Jesus dipped them in His fire! You know, He still does baptize in Holy Spirit and fire! Thank you Jesus!

Jesus performed miracles every night! Blind, deaf. mute and paralyzed where immediately healed and cried out their stories from the platform! Several tumors disappeared the final night.

Jesus opens deaf ears!
Sabia here had been demon possessed for 22 years, but Jesus set her completely free!
Soleyman had been deaf since he was a little child, but this night he started hearing again!

A little boy (7 years old) had had a large tumor right by his scrotum. Totally unashamed, he pulled down his pants and showed us that it had dissapeared! His parents were crying and rejoicing like crazy! A woman told us that she no longer could feel or find the large tumor in her left breast anymore! Yes! Either people lie very well, or the fact is that Jesus performs tremendous miracles! What do you think? I believe in MIRACLES!

Kiran had breast cancer, but Jesus removed the tumor during healing prayer!

We also saw God's mercy in many and very exciting ways. Favor with the Police Department, the Chief Mullah etc. Exciting to hear how thought through the local Pentecostal churches had planned the follow up. They will baptize thousands! I have no doubt about that!

Thank you Jesus! Thank you all prayer warriors! Thank you all financial supporters! Thank you to my faithful and hard working festival team! Thank you to my dear Festival General Peter Almqvist - without you, nothing works...

All glory to our mighty God!

See ya!