Feb 25, 2014

A Store House For All People!

One of the many things that the Holy Spirit whispered to me when we planted SOS Church Stockholm in our beautiful capital city 2009 was:

"Build a store house for all people."

On Saturday this Apostolic church-building continues with our third seminar on Biblical finances: "God Wants to Make You Rich - part 3"... We start at 10:30 am, after a nice morning where you can sleep in, eat lunch together at 12:30 pm and then end the day with Q&A at around 3 pm. We meet in our facilities on Warfvinges Väg 26 in Stadshagen.

This weekend is special in many ways, I release my fifth book; "The Best Family in the World" and will be signing books on both Saturday and Sunday. This book is a compilation of the three seminars I've had om marriage and family in the church. I am praying that it will become a best seller that will maximize families and create soundness and an exciting future for the reader. The family really is our greatest joy and amount of trust!

We have two guests of honor at our celebration on Sunday (4 pm at Norra Latin, Drottninggatan 71B): Pelle Hörnmark and Marie Nylén. Pelle is dear friend of mine sine many years and he has the biggest heart in the world. He has worked as a missionary in Ethiopia and led a large successful church in Jönköping many years. Today he is "Daddy Pentecost" with all of Sweden and travels and inspires leaders. Pelle is now coming with a message to Stockholm and we believe that many will be saved and drink of the Holy Spirit this Sunday! Bring your friends who normally do not go to church! Pelle loves Jesus and preaches a clear cross-focused gospel and releases fire and power for freedom. We are praying for a bolt of lightning!
Marie Nylén leads the organization "Living Families" who helps couples in crisis and shields and strengthens families in Scandinavia. Marie is so wonderfully down to earth, practical in her counselling, but she also has a joy for life and is such a people person that it is contagious. You just feel good when you've gotten a dose of Marie Nylén!

Welcome to SOS Church Stockholm! We are having a party this weekend!

See ya!