Jan 6, 2015

A Deeper Fellowship

The Amritzer family is starting this new year with fasting and prayer... The fast purifies and creates the necessary discipline and a peaceful readiness for war in the man or woman of God. What will the Holy Spirit do? Where is the road ahead? What does God want us to do? These questions are always exciting, overwhelming and squeezes you... To walk with God requires a life style of prayer and to eagerly listen to the Spirit.

Yesterday (Sunday) we baptized four new disciples to Jesus in water, it was both holy and beautiful! Late last night after our celebration, some of our leaders met in our kitchen in Tullinge, southern Stockholm. We talked openly, heart to heart, cried openly and honestly together - it was very spontaneous and real... I love the deep "sibling-relationships" that is only there between honest Jesus-followers. I believe that 2015 will be a year of revival and a much deeper fellowship... I need Jesus...

I landed in Reykjavik, Iceland today, preaching here tonight and will then record TV tomorrow...

At the end of January we will intensify our prayers by crying out to heaven in a three day Prayer Conference. This year's theme is: "my power is made perfect in weakness"... We are praying for genuine revival to break out in SOS Church Stockholm in 2015. Mark your calendars now for January 23rd - 25th and come and pray with me and my good friend Pastor Ron Swai from Tanzania. We need the strength and fulfillment that actually only Jesus can give.

It is time to plan what festival you will be a part of this summer! Bring your family to a faith and miracle adventure and maybe even a vacation afterwards! These trips are totally life transforming and you will get so many great memories to tell the grandchildren one day... :)

Lusaka, Zambia: June 3-7
Dodoma, Tanzania: July 15-19

Register here!

See ya soon!