Dec 15, 2014

Grace - Endless Grace!

After a three day sweaty conference in our African partner church Victory Christian Center Tabernacle in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, I am sitting at a beach resort eating breakfast in the sunshine... It has been crazy good here! I actually cannot find words to describe the presence of God, the happy newly saved eyes, all the miracles, the wild joy, dance and gratitude here... They are walking a high way! They represent the NEW AFRICA! I am talking about an African mega-church with excellent, well educated people! A church full of business people and politicians! A church that buys land, invests in developmental property projects, plants new churches and builds the future! A church that is aiming for the next generation and the urban mega-cities of Africa! VCCT is the first mega-church on the African continent among many in the future (I just know it) that has already chosen to partner with us in our vision of preaching Jesus in every African capital city and give the next generation supernatural Christianity!

They are paying my airfare, welcome me into the nation through the VIP entrance at the airport, put me up in a 5 star beach resort, give me a fat envelope with spending money and generous honorariums. There is no end to the flowers, fruit baskets and love. They fight over who gets to drive me in the nicest cars. Yes, what should I say?! They know honor. They stand up when I read the Bible with them and ask me every 5 minutes if I need anything... They are fantastic! I am in love! They have already raised enough money for the next conference in December 2015. They want to pay for an entire festival ($75,000) and help me publish my books here. They already translated 2 titles! They want to help me get in contact with other mega-churches in the capital cities and help SOS be on TV. There is no end to the favor!

Wow, how good You are God! It is exciting to follow Him in our life's adventure - The African Capital City Tour!!!

I am longing for my dear Stockholm now though and all the wonderful SOS people. Soon Christmas! Thank you Jesus for family and friends, laughter, food and rest...

See ya!