Sep 4, 2014

The Mute Speak in the Himalayas!

I just received a report from one of my spiritual sons, Samuel Strandberg. He and his family are in the Himalayas right now, preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ. Read to their update from last night:

Our festival among the unreached has finally begun! We are in a completely unreached region preaching the wonderful message of Jesus Christ! The team that is made up by 7 people from the US, Sweden and India arrived to the field last night where just about 300 people were gathered, but as the minutes passed, more and more people came. When Samuel started to preach there were around 1500 on the field. We preached a crystal clear gospel message about Jesus, the peacemaker. It turned out to be a word from heaven as our festival here is called the Peace and Prayer Festival.
Several high authorities in the region came out and participated. It was a beautiful sight when we started the festival by praying for the country, the state we are in and the local village. When the salvation invitation rang out people came from all over the field. We are still waiting for the final decision card count but we estimated it to be somewhere around 200 people that gave their lives to Jesus!
As we started to minister to the sick, demons manifested and people were carried out to the “demon clinic” where Jesus started to do miracles! A young boy who had been totally mute came up on stage, but as the power of God came over him He started to speak and make sounds! The crowd loved it, and praised God and we are so thankful to Jesus for what He is doing. There was also an older man that received hearing on his right ear! Jesus is so good! We anticipate the crowd to at least double in size today and we are so excited to see even more miracles and signs from heaven!

Thank you for all your prayers, we will continue to keep you updated as much as possible, but internet is extremely hard to find out here.

Samuel & Gabrielle Strandberg