May 13, 2014

Reflections in the US and Africa

I am travelling a lot now. Visiting mission partners and working with the preparations for this summer's large Signs & Wonders festival in Mbeya, Tanzania in July. Come with us man!

The Spirit of God is moving powerfully in all the gatherings and His wind is blowing exactly where He wants it to... Many are saved, healed and baptized in fire. I am enjoying the hunger, passion, wild, unrestrained young love for Jesus both in the US and in Africa. The next generation is rising up and wants to learn everything there is about the supernatural life. I am slowly getting used to acting more of a "dad" in almost every context I am in now. Different, but exciting. I, who have always been the young one - what happened eh?! :)

A simple revelation hit my spirit like a bomb the other day; "The Pharisees will never understand, simply because they don't want to." So simple, but yet so freeing, isn't it?! Pharisees and Sadducees could be called; "The Wouldn't - Sees and the Couldn't - Sees." Even if they want to, or can understand the work of the Holy Spirit, their hearts are so hard. These religious groups have always been around and will always be around. They criticized Jesus and will criticize you. Do not live your life for them! Do not live for their acceptance and acknowledgement. They are neither just nor happy, but unjust and depressed. They will not believe even of a dead is raised to life right in front of them, just because they have already made up their minds to not believe. Their agenda is clear. They are just looking for a new journalistic scoop. Vultures and hyenas live on what lions and leopards have already slayed. They have never hunted themselves, but have a lot of opinions on how to hunt effectively. They can't, and don't want to understand what God is doing through your life. They will never be persuaded. The sad thing is that they will always be there.

So, you are better off to quickly learn not to live for, defend, or try to prove yourself to them. Live for the simple, hungry and honest masses, not for the religious elite. Jesus sighed deeply when the Pharisees asked for a sign so they could believe... Yes... I know... Jesus, you are wonderful...

Live for all those who have never yet received an honest chance to take a stand to, or believe a simple and powerful Jesus-gospel! Live to fulfill the Great Commission! Live to make disciples!

In the meanwhile we will order another mango juice, laugh and enjoy the miracle-adventure-missionary-life together with Jesus! What do you say?! :) Will soon preach again, the African audience here is wild, and are expecting something directly from heaven!

See ya!