Jan 18, 2014

Down Payment

Often when buying capitalistic goods the seller demands a down payment that makes the purchase binding. The house or car is yours after paying the down payment. You can then begin to enjoy your new purchase while you make arrangements for the final payment. Typically a down payment is 10% of the value and is paid in cash. Both seller and buyer are bound to the settlement through paid and received down payment.

God has purchased you with the blood of His son Jesus... (Eph 1:7)

With His blood He has paid 100% of the price and you no longer belong to the kingdom of satan. Instead of being a slave in the world you are now a co-heir in God’s house and Jesus Kingdom. God has promised His entire kingdom and EVERYTHING that He owns and represents. He has entered into an agreement and signed the contract with His own blood. God’s agreement with you is called the “New Covenant”. He has already given you a deposit of the inheritance that is waiting for you. He did this by giving us the Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit is God’s guarantee… (Eph 1:14)

God gave His Spirit as a foretaste and a down payment for all the spiritual riches that actually already belong to you. At present, you may only have the courage to enjoy 10% but EVERYTHING already belongs to you! Make a withdrawal! The inheritance is yours! The down payment had been paid! What are you waiting for? Live as a child of God! Live the full life of the Spirit!

After an amazing week in Pittsburgh, PA I am now in Philadelphia and will be preaching at CityLife Church this weekend. So looking forward to this!

See ya!