Jan 11, 2014

Do you want to succeed?

I am in the US, my second or third home, really don't know which... I live in Europe but work mostly in Africa and America since ten years. I love Stockholm, and SOS will forever be my Apostolic base and home, but I have to admit that I have fallen in love with both Africa and America.

I am preaching and teaching, working with two Apostolic networks here in Pittsburgh and Philadelphia these two weeks in January: Reach Northeast and City Reach Network. These networks are such church planting machines, and they have great success with what they are doing. I am loving it and learning a lot.

Jeff Leake and Brian Bolt are simply leaders that are:

1. Humble...
2. Thankful...
3. Simple...
Jeff Leake

Brian Bolt

They are leading large successful churches that are shooting out daughter churches. The last 2 years they planted 17 churches together and this year alone they will plant another 20 new churches! I never hear any bragging, even though they baptize hundreds of new believers all the time and raise tremendous amounts for missions, humanitarian projects and new churches. They are humble and just consumed by training disciples and raising up new leaders.

They are soooo thankful for all that God is doing! They tell me stories of transformed former criminals, drug addicts, miracles and healing stories! They continue to tell me about baptisms in the Holy Spirit, new jobs for their new disciples and creative business ideas. Imagine what God is doing! They say...

What touches me the most is that they have remained so simple and down to earth. They fast and pray. They laugh and play cards. They would rather spend their money on a missions trip than a new car or furniture. They don't renovate their churches all the time, but would rather help the homeless.

Do you want to succeed? I know you want to. Try being humble, thankful and simple. That will give birth to pure joy and raw breakthrough faith! Learn from Jeff Leake and Brian Bolt!

See ya!