Dec 19, 2013

The Swedish economy is rebounding!

I stole the title from today's Metro. The same newspaper continues (on 12.19) to say that the Swedish economic situation is getting better. Every prognosis indicates a coming acceleration in the economy. SEB Bank puts the growth prognosis at 3 times the current growth, at 2.5%. We currently have a low interest rate, mean wage increases are coming, rising stock exchanges as well as house prices. This will all most likely lead to more household spending in 2014. We should also thank the government for more earned income tax credits. It is looking good! The future is bright!

We even see this in our network of companies; SOS Business Class. The future is bright. This am between 6-7 I met some of our entrepreneurs for a Breakfast Prayer in our conference room at SOS Church. A year ago we spoke out a vision of seeing 70 new businesses started in SOS in 10 years. Now we realize that 8 new companies have formed during the first year! I am fascinated when I listen to so many clear business ideas, worked-through budgets and goals. Our business men/women are hungry through hard work their plans and visions will become reality. We have a great positive trend in the church and among our people!

We conclude the breakfast meeting and Walter Zuniga reads Psalm 20 for us. We pray together with all the entrepreneurs gathered. Everyone departs to a new day of work. Thank you Jesus for practical and down-to-earth Christianity!

We will meet again January 16th for Breakfast Prayer. If you are a business man/woman or thinking of starting a company: WELCOME! You don't have to be a member in our church to come pray with us. We are Kingdom oriented with a generous posture.

Saturday, March 1st I will hold my third seminar on "God Wants to Make You Rich!" This theme is about Biblical Finances and will stimulate to a successful development both in your private and corporate finances. God is for you! The Bible is practical! We believe in expansion, new jobs and meaningful employment.

See ya!