Nov 7, 2013

The Blind See!

Clear blue sky and sunshine in Moshi, Tanzania today! We received our first weather miracle! All glory to Jesus! What energy and power at the festival ground tonight - dancing and joy to the full! Sooo many rushed to the front on the salvation invitation (sorry, don't have any figures yet)!

When we started to pray for the sick there was a genuine miracle party! Demon possessed were carried out in a long line and were beautifully set free in Jesus' name! A woman who had been totally blind on both eyes saw clearly! A boy had his blind eye opened! They both demonstrated their healing on stage to the roar of the crowd! Another little boy received a creation miracle when God repaired his deformed and blind eye and he could see with it for the first time in his life!

Glory to Jesus - the miracle man from Nazareth! HE performed such mighty miracles in the African sunset tonight!

We are so happy tonight! Continue to pray for us!

See ya soon again!