Jun 7, 2013

Looking Over the Troops for the Summer!

This Saturday there will be a straight lineup at SOS. We will look over the troops for this summer's different expeditions. We are gathering our people before the summer's different events. When others are on vacation, we will conquer new land. Most people swim and work on their tan, we will pray for the sick! Most people sleep and read during the summer months, we will cast out evil spirits! We will win and baptize! Stockholm and the unreached people groups belong to us!

We are going on two missions trips to Tanzania in June and July. Will do festivals among the witch doctors in the city of Mwanza and among the Muslims in the city of Tanga!

We are taking more than 30 youths on an outreach trip to Halden, Norway!

We are sending SOS Street Mission to the Hultsfreds Festival, one of the largest rock festivals in Sweden!

What a summer! You're coming too, right?!

This Saturday we have an open seminar all day at Warfvinges Väg 26 from 9 am to 2 pm. I will teach on: "Position Yourself for the Miraculous!" Very practical teaching that can be used here in Sweden, Tanzania and Norway :).

Everyone is welcome! See ya!