May 22, 2013

Two Trucks and Two Loudspeaker Towers!

I'm packing two bags in the living room, on my way to the US... Flying out tomorrow around 10 am, but tonight I am meeting with a new believer, a dear friend, and I am hoping and believing that he will be baptized in Holy Spirit and fire...

Yesterday our Finance Department called and said that we just received a gift of $75,000 to our festival and missions work! Thank you Jesus! Some of my blog readers might think that it is a lot of money... Yes and no... We are sooo thankful for every cent that comes in from faithful mission partners and do not take anything for granted. But...

The Holy Spirit has challenged me to expand our portable festival equipment. We must dare and we must believe... The Holy Spirit said: "Build for a crowd capacity of 500,000!" Today we have the capacity to reach a little more than 100,000 people in one festival meeting. Listen and read carefully now! In order for us to gather half a million in one single service we need to build two new loudspeaker towers, 43 feet tall, and buy another big screen, 30 x 36 feet! And we also need another container and two trucks!

This will cost around $1,500,000! We believe in God! The doors are wide open to many nations! We must proceed! Pray with me!

See ya!