May 27, 2013

Faithful Partners and a Softtail!

I just finished a weekend of preaching in Bechtellsville outside of Philadelphia in southern PA. Peter Almqvist, a new American coworker, Mike and I have visited Morningstar Fellowship, who have been faithful partners to SOS many years already. Over 100 precious Americans have been saved in four services and  many have been healed and baptized in the Holy Spirit! Lovely weekend!

Morningstar is drilling wells in the Tanga-region in Tanzania right now in cooperation with SOS, and they are also sending a small team to our festival there in July. They are fantastic faithful mission partners and took up extra offerings to our missions work in every service, thank you to my friends; Pastor Steve and Liz Defrain! We love you! We never want to take your love for granted...

We ended the weekend by driving motor cycles together in the pre-summer bloom tonight... They had rented a orange-red Harley Davidson Softtail for me :). Mmmmmm ahhh is all I'm saying. I love life! :) We were about 40 bikers that rode together, so much fun! :)

Tomorrow I'm heading to Pittsburgh...

See ya!