Jun 28, 2015

Lusaka Praise Report - now on to Dodoma!

Looking back at the festival in Lusaka, the capital city of Zambia, we are filled with awe over what Jesus has done! We are so grateful for every person that received a miracle, that is now saved and on their way to heaven, and every single person that is now filled with the Holy Spirit and ready to take their city for Jesus!

Now we are getting ready for another African capital: Dodoma Tanzania! Some of us leave this upcoming weekend, and a few days from now, Dodoma will be filled with missionaries from all over the world that are ready to see Jesus kiss the people of this capital city... We are praying, fasting and asking Jesus for yet another miracle... Pray with us!

Here is a short compilation of what took place in Lusaka:

- Over 20,000 precious Zambians saved and now discipled in the local churches!

- Over 1,500 people saved on the streets during the team's outreaches!

- Countless miracles, blind that saw, crippled walking and dancing, deaf ears opened, demons coming out of people and so much more...

- Over 300 people treated in our medical and dental clinics.

- School of Impact teaching new leaders on how to take the gospel further reaching their generation.
- 10,000+ baptized in the Holy Spirit!

- 250+ baptized in water!

Jesus is indeed Lord in Lusaka, Zambia! Thank you for standing with us in faith and praying with us!

Lusaka Victory Report from Mission SOS on Vimeo.

See ya!