May 26, 2014

A Store House for all People

The dream about building a base for world mission in Stockholm, Sweden's capital, has become a reality. Jesus called us to leave the boat and walk out on the water. He actually stood there waiting, downtown, just as He promised. A new people gathered under a united , and by the Spirit closeknit leadership team. The Apostolic center that was born had ONE common vision:

For all people to all nations. The book of Acts in Stockholm and to the ends of the earth.

Thank you Jesus for the international church that lives for winning and making disciples to Jesus in Stockholm and among the unreached people groups. Just imagine that we get to be a part of this huge faith adventure! Festivals, mission bases, Bible schools and constantly new church plants. Wow, what the Holy Spirit is doing among us!

This week we will have the privilege of welcoming guests from all the world to our mission conference, #Mission14! It really is our greatest joy to take care of people that have come from the US, Norway, Denmark, Switzerland etc, to download, be inspired and be "infected" by our eagerness for mission! The Spirit of prayer which is flowing so strongly in our midst will include and rejuvinate all the guests of the conference! Someone will hear the voice of Jesus, another meet an angel and even another have a vision! Welcome to Stockholm and SOS! Welcome to "Tools for Urban Mission" and a new passion for the mega cities!

Schedule for the weekend:


7 pm: Opening Service, Evangelist Scott Howe speaking


9–11 am: PRAYER

Seminars with Evangelist Scott Howe and Antonio Santos

1–1:45 pm: Engaging Culture: No impact without contact. You need to be active in your city and engaged on many different creative fronts.

2–2:45 pm: God’s Performance Artist: Scott Howe will use the Book of Ezekiel to teach about prophesying to our generation using creativity.

3–3:45 pm: Break out sessions

Exploring Art Worship: Antonio Santos will teach on how we can communicate the heart of God through creativity. How can art and worship interact? How can art be used in evangelization?

The Creative Calling: Creativity is a gift from God, and artists should use their gifts to reach the unreached. Teaching from Exodus, by Scott Howe

7 pm: Evening Service, Pastor Stephan Christiansen speaking


9–11 am: PRAYER

1 pm: Final Service Evangelist Johannes Amritzer speaking