Nov 17, 2013

The Capital Cities of Africa!

This happened Friday November 8 2013. I was in prayer before a festival meeting in the city of Moshi, northern Tanzania.

All of a sudden I'm in the Spirit. The train of God's robe filled the hotel room. The capital cities are crying out. The young, urban, modern, cool, well educated, but also so lost Africa is calling for me. I hear them so clearly, the teenagers and young adults! They are crying and I see them in a vision.

5 years ago God called me to the mega cities of the world, a calling I really didn't quite understand. Just that He would take me and SOS from the villages and the "bush" to the cities and that there would be grace for something new and very large.

This day, the continuation came. "Preach the gospel to every capital city on the African continent! I am giving you the capital cities!" This has been our Jonah calling for many years. The devil has tried to scary us away from the large cities. We have also been fleeing. We have been hiding behind the calling to the unreached people groups and said no to the large cities because of pride and stubbornness, and with the motivation that all missionaries go there. We give up now. Now we surrender to God. Now we are saying: YES! Lord, send us! Send us SOS! I understand that this will be life-long mission. There are around 53-55 African capital cities. I am shuddering and afraid. During prayer I ask God: "Why are you choosing us, Lord? Why not a more qualified team and stronger organization? There must be people who can do this better than SOS!?"


A thunder and rain is over Moshi. Heavy dark clouds and lightning that light up the sky. I hear the roar outside my hotel room while I am praying. I start asking God for a confirmation on what I just heard and received. I say: "If this is a calling from You, let it not rain on the festival ground while I am preaching and praying for the sick." He answers: "I have spoken and you know that." I say: "But anyway... For my unbelief's sake, this is so huge..."

I leave the room, walk outside and stand on the grass and start speaking to the black clouds. "Not a drop while I am preaching and praying for the sick!" I feel pretty small and stupid, standing on the grass, pointing my finger at the black clouds...

A few hours later, at the festival ground, the dark heavy clouds are all around us, threatening. There is a little sprinkle on the festival ground about 30 minutes before I am about to preach. Then the sun shines through! I preach, make the salvation invitation and pray for the sick. One blind eye is opened and demon possessed are set free in Jesus' name! Jesus is there! When we end the service the rain is pouring down again all around us, but there isn't one drop on the festival ground! God has made a hole in the heavens for us. I meet the team after dinner and share this vision and confirmation. When I just finished sharing about the new vision for Africa we start praying. When we stop, it starts raining again. The Holy Spirit whispers: "I did this for your sake..."

We need to expand our festival equipment now. We have to mobilize churches and lots of workers now. We need to believe. We need to go! The African Capital Tour starts now!

See ya!