Nov 9, 2013

Minister of Foreign Affairs and Jesus-Miracles!

Tonight the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Tanzania, Mr Bernard Membe, held a speech to me and SOS from the festival stage. On behalf of the government and President Jakaya Kikwete he thanked us for our achievements in Tanzania. It has huge and I personally was very encouraged and touched. He came on his birthday and the festival crowd sang "Happy Birthday to You" and our hosts, Glorious and Josephine Shoo, gave him a beautiful painting as birthday gift!

In his speech he jokingly said that I should marry  a woman from Tanzania, so he could give me citizenship in the country. I replied that it is too late since I am already married to the queen of Sweden :).

When we spoke face to face he expressed that the government is so thankful that we always pray for them in our festivals... He wanted me to contact him the next time I am in Dar es Salaam to meet and to discuss how we can cooperate. He promised to convey my warm greetings and blessings to President Jakaya Kikwete and Prime Minister Mizengo Pinda.

After wild worship and sweaty dancing in 108F (in the shade) we baptized around 20 people in our portable baptism pool! Then it was finally time to preach the Word of God and many were saved. At the end of the meeting the festival ground exploded with miracles again! Deaf, paralyzed and blind were healed!

Thank you Jesus for favor in every area! We love to represent Your kingdom!

See ya!