Jun 24, 2013

Mwanza; a Place of Miracles!

Today I’m letting my international secretary report from our great festival here in Mwanza! Read, rejoice and enjoy what God has done this week

What an incredible week we have had in Mwanza, Tanzania! Every afternoon Furisha Ground has been filled with people eager to hear the delivering gospel message, and hungry for God to touch their bodies to healing. The crowd has grown every day and the final night gathered 70,000 people to celebrate Jesus!

So many precious Tanzanians have given their lives to Jesus; around 12,000 have prayed a salvation prayer and filled out a decision card and will now be followed up by the local churches that we have cooperated with during this event.

Jesus has opened deaf ears, the mute started to speak, the crippled have started to run, pain of all sorts have disappeared, but most of all, almost 400 people tormented by evil spirits have been miraculously delivered. One of them is Helen; she had been selling her body on the streets of Mwanza. She was beautifully delivered and cried like a baby when Jesus made all things new and gave her a future and her dignity back.

There was an obvious presence of the Holy Spirit the final night of the festival, the crowd was rejoicing and everybody knew; Jesus is here! When the invitation was given to be baptized in the Holy Spirit thousands ran to the front. The Holy Spirit fell with power and people started speaking in tongues without any laying on of hands.

God is transforming Mwanza, and it will no longer be known for witchcraft and superstition, but for being a place where Jesus performs miracles and peoples lives are forever changed!

Martina Almqvist
Mission SOS