Jun 15, 2013

Albinos, Witch Doctors and Fear

We are right now on our way to the city of Mwanza in North Eastern Tanzania situated right on Lake Victoria… Our Signs & Wonders Festival start next Wednesday and will run for 5 days in cooperation with more than 500 churches in the region. Our stage, platform, light, sound, large screens and a huge pool for baptism are on trucks this moment in Tanzania on its way from Dar es Salaam to Mwanza. More than 120 team-members from Sweden, Norway, USA and DAR are arriving to Mwanza as I am writing…

People call Mwanza "the capitol city of the witch doctors" in East Africa and has more than 3000 practicing magicians. These men and women come up with all kinds of alternative "medications" and "healing" and spells and curses. Several international medias like the BBC have noted Mwanza because of its mad pursuit of albinos. More than 50 albinos have been murdered and butchered the last 4 years in the region. Many witch doctors spread the rumor that they can give long life, riches and happiness to people if they receive hair, skin and organs from an Albino. An Albinos organs is sold for huge tempting amounts. An arm will give you $240 and even more for genital parts…

You don't have to be a Christian to understand that this is as demonic as it gets. This particularly aimed racism and superstition has to be fought. The 170,000 Albinos in Tanzania must be protected and the butchering murderers sentenced and locked up.

We are going there to proclaim war on the witch doctors reign of terror in the name of Jesus! The light of the gospel will drive away the darkness. The blood of Jesus cleanses, protects and delivers! I am praying humble prayers that both the victims of, and the witch doctors will experience life changing meetings with the risen Jesus!

See ya!